Experience Full Body Cryotherapy & IV Vitamin Therapy

At Hamilton Recovery, we offer true whole body cryotherapy and IV vitamin therapy at our Epping centre. Achieve peak performance and optimal wellbeing with our proven methods and allow us to guide you towards becoming the best you.

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What Makes Our Therapies Outstanding?

Hamilton Recovery is your ultimate wellness destination! We work with the safest and most effective cryotherapy chambers available in Australia. Our cryo-science equipment is the only TGA-approved cryotherapy chamber in Australia. You will be safe and protected in our superior full-body cryo chambers featuring breathable air technology and optimal temperatures.

Perks of Choosing Hamilton Recovery


Say Goodbye To Persistent Pains and Fatigue!

Bid farewell to recurring pains, sleep disturbances, and fatigue. With Hamilton Recovery, we don’t just soothe – we remedy. Dive into our array of therapies, tailored meticulously for you, and emerge reenergised.

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Your Roadmap to Enhanced Well-being


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Kick-start with our exclusive pricing, setting the foundation for transformation.


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Tailored sessions after diving deep into understanding your needs.


Experience Rejuvenation

Emerge from our therapies reenergised and at your optimum best.


Why Hamilton Recovery Is Next Level

Ready to Embark on Your Recovery Journey?


What Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is no ordinary cold therapy. At Hamilton Recovery, our °CRYO Arctic machines provide a safe environment, where temperatures plummet to -140°C, rejuvenating every cell in your body. Perfect for athletes and wellness enthusiasts alike, it offers more than just recovery. Think calorie burn, boosted immunity, and unparalleled rejuvenation.


The Magic Behind IV Vitamin Therapy

Imagine supplying your body with a potent cocktail of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, directly into the bloodstream. Our IV Vitamin Therapy does just that. Bypassing the digestive system, it ensures 100% absorption. From boosting energy, enhancing mood to even slowing down ageing – it’s a revitalising elixir.

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Give The Gift of Wellbeing!

Wondering about the perfect gift for your loved ones? How about the gift of wellness? Our gift cards offer a chance for your loved ones to experience the pinnacle of health and rejuvenation therapies, all tailored just for them. It’s more than a gift; it’s a wellness journey.


The Science of Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy isn’t just about squeezing your muscles. It’s a strategic approach that uses controlled pressure to enhance blood circulation, reduce swelling and improve oxygen supply to muscles. Especially beneficial post intense physical activity, it speeds up recovery and keeps you at the top of your game.

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Ready for the Next Steps with Hamilton Recovery?

Embark on your transformative journey with us. Every therapy, every session, every touchpoint is designed with you at the forefront. Our team, equipped with the latest in health innovations, awaits to guide you on this exciting path.

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