Full Body Cryotherapy Experience

At Hamilton Recovery, we’re thrilled to introduce Melbourne to the revitalising power of Cryotherapy. Our signature full-body cryotherapy treatment is relaxing and rejuvenating, leaving you happier, healthier, and fully energised. Dive into a world where cold becomes your best friend, rejuvenating every cell in your body, and ushering in a surge of vitality.

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Benefits of Embracing the Cold

Revitalising Experience

Our cryotherapy sessions are designed to invigorate your senses, giving your body a refreshing restart.

Science-Backed Wellness

Beyond just feeling good, cryotherapy is rooted in scientific principles that promise genuine health benefits.

Athletic Recovery

For those pushing their limits, our sessions ensure quicker recovery, getting you back to your peak faster.


Make The Most Of Our Signature Cryotherapy Treatment

Full-body cryotherapy has many benefits for your physical and mental health while improving your skin and promoting weight loss. It can help you heal and recover, restore your mental and hormonal balance, and help you achieve a healthier, smoother, and younger complexion. The key benefits include:

CRYOtherapy epping

Ice Baths Scratch the Surface. Cryotherapy Shatters the Ceiling!

Think ice baths are cold? Try -140°C with CRYO Arctic and feel the difference that real cold. Experience the -140°C thrill of CRYO Arctic. Where real cold meets real benefits.


Unlocking the Power of Cold Therapy

Cryotherapy isn’t just about the cold; it’s a journey of wellness. At Hamilton Recovery, we harness the therapeutic benefits of low temperatures to combat inflammation, promote recovery, and uplift your spirit. Whether you’re an athlete, a wellness enthusiast, or someone looking to break the monotony, our sessions promise a unique experience that leaves you rejuvenated.

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Our Seamless Journey


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Experience Rejuvenation

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Why Hamilton Recovery?

Choosing Hamilton Recovery for your Cryotherapy sessions is a no-brainer, and here’s why:

Are You Ready to Embrace the Cold?


FAQs about Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, commonly known as cold therapy, is a specialised treatment where the body is deliberately exposed to ultra-cold temperatures for a brief period. The essence of this therapy is to tap into the body’s natural healing mechanisms, triggering benefits like diminishing inflammation, accelerating recovery processes, and uplifting one’s mood. It’s an innovative way to promote overall wellness.

A standard Cryotherapy session typically spans between 2 to 3 minutes. This duration has been carefully chosen to ensure you reap the maximum therapeutic benefits without experiencing any undue discomfort. Our priority is to make sure you feel rejuvenated after every session.

Cryotherapy offers a myriad of advantages. However, it’s paramount to have a candid conversation with our qualified practitioners before starting. We aim to ensure that the treatment is a perfect fit for your individual health profile and needs. Your safety and well-being are our foremost concerns.

While some individuals experience noticeable improvements after just one session, regular and consistent sessions can lead to more profound and lasting benefits. This is especially true for athletes or those with active lifestyles. We’re here to guide you on the best frequency tailored to your goals.

Absolutely! Many of our valued clients find that combining Cryotherapy with other treatments, such as IV Vitamin Therapy or Compression Therapy, enhances their overall wellness journey. Our team is on hand to help curate a holistic treatment plan tailored just for you.

For optimal results, we advise wearing as little as possible to maximise skin exposure to the cold. However, for your comfort, gloves, socks, and undergarments are usually donned during the session. Rest assured, we always prioritise your comfort and discretion.


Your Next Steps with Hamilton Recovery

Ready to dive into a world of icy wellness? At Hamilton Recovery, our doors are always open for those seeking a unique experience. With Cryotherapy, we promise not just a treatment but a journey of rejuvenation, recovery, and revitalisation. So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge, and let the cold work its magic on you.

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