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Discover the magic of Normatec at Hamilton Recovery. As leaders in the health and wellness sector, we bring you the pinnacle of compression therapy, tailored for enhanced recovery, peak performance, and ultimate rejuvenation.


Key Benefits of Embracing Normatec

Unparalleled Safety and Comfort

Dive into a secure experience, enriched with features designed for your utmost comfort.

Revitalising Sessions

Experience the unique blend of pressure and release mechanisms of Normatec that ensures optimal circulation and recovery.

Evidence-Based Approach

Rooted in scientific research, our therapies promise more than just relief — they promise transformation.


Confronting Recurring Pain and Inflammation Post-Activity?

The aftermath of intense activity can often be daunting, with recurring pain and inflammation acting as barriers to your next performance. This discomfort not only affects your physical prowess but also impacts your mental well-being.


Beyond Ordinary Recovery

Normatec isn’t just another recovery tool; it’s a revolution. With its patented PULSE technology, it enhances blood flow, significantly reduces post-workout pain, and accelerates recovery, ensuring you’re always game-ready.


Dive Deeper into the World of Normatec

Beyond just compression, Normatec offers a holistic approach to recovery. Its dynamic compression, tailored to your needs, ensures optimal pressure at every point, maximising your recovery benefits and ensuring you’re always at your peak.

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Our Normatec Journey Unveiled


Begin Your Journey

Kick-start with our exclusive pricing, setting the foundation for transformation.


Personalised Initial Consult

Tailored sessions after diving deep into understanding your needs.


Experience Rejuvenation

Emerge from our therapies reenergised and at your optimum best.


Why Hamilton Recovery?

Choosing Hamilton Recovery for your Cryotherapy sessions is a no-brainer, and here’s why:

Ready to Transform Your Recovery Game?


FAQs about Normatec

Normatec distinguishes itself in the realm of compression therapies through its unique dynamic compression system. Its patented PULSE technology ensures that each individual receives an optimal recovery experience tailored specifically to their needs. Unlike traditional compression methods that apply static pressure, Normatec’s approach is dynamic, adjusting to the user’s physiology and providing a more personalised therapy.

Many individuals, especially athletes, find significant benefits from daily Normatec sessions. However, as each person’s recovery needs are unique, we genuinely recommend having a consultation with our experienced professionals. They’ll be able to assess your specific situation and provide guidance on the frequency that would be most beneficial for you.

At Hamilton Recovery, a standard Normatec session usually lasts around 30 minutes. Nonetheless, the duration can be adjusted based on individual requirements. It’s essential to remember that the session’s length is determined by ensuring the most effective and comfortable experience for the user.

Normatec is a non-invasive and safe therapy, designed with the user’s well-being in mind. While most people have a seamless experience, some might feel a slight tingling sensation or a bit of warmth during the session. Rest assured, this is a standard part of the process and indicates that the therapy is working effectively.

Absolutely! We’ve observed that Normatec complements brilliantly with many of our other therapeutic offerings at Hamilton Recovery. We are more than happy to discuss this with you, and our experts can devise a holistic recovery plan that integrates multiple treatments for maximum benefit.

There’s no specific preparation needed before undergoing a Normatec session. All we ask is that you wear comfortable clothing when you come in. We’re here to ensure that you have a relaxing and beneficial experience, and we’ll look after everything else for you.


Embarking on Your Ultimate Recovery Journey

With Hamilton Recovery’s Normatec sessions, you’re not just signing up for a treatment; you’re embarking on a journey. A journey that promises not just recovery, but rejuvenation, revitalisation, and a return to peak performance. Ready to take the leap?

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