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Unparalleled Safety and Comfort

With our °CRYO Arctic machines, you're promised a seamless experience, devoid of any claustrophobia concerns.

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Experience the chill of -140°C, revitalising every cell, with treatments personalised just for you.


We don't just administer therapies; we empower you with the science and insights behind them.


Addressing Recurring Pain and Inflammation Post-Activity

Pushing your limits in sports or workouts often leads to pain and inflammation. These discomforts can deter your progress, leaving you feeling drained and hesitant to continue your fitness journey.


Science-Backed Relief

With Hamilton Recovery’s IV Vitamin Therapy, you’re not just receiving a treatment; you’re embracing a scientifically-backed solution. Our therapy targets the root causes of post-activity pain, providing rapid relief and enhanced recovery.


Dive Deeper into IV Vitamin Therapy

Our IV Vitamin Therapy isn’t just about injecting nutrients; it’s a comprehensive approach to health. By directly delivering vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream, you ensure maximum absorption, offering immediate benefits from increased energy to improved immune function.

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Why Choose Hamilton Recovery for NAD+ IV Therapy?

Choosing Hamilton Recovery for your Cryotherapy sessions is a no-brainer, and here’s why:

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FAQs about IV Vitamin Therapy

Hamilton’s IV Vitamin Therapy distinguishes itself through a rigorous, evidence-based methodology. Every treatment we administer is rooted in scientific research, ensuring its efficacy and safety. Moreover, we personalise each session according to the individual needs of our clients. By utilising the latest in medical technology, we guarantee that you receive the utmost in care and the best possible results. Our commitment is not just to treat but to provide a service that genuinely benefits your overall well-being.

The ideal frequency for IV Vitamin Therapy varies from person to person. It’s crucial to understand that each individual has unique health requirements and goals. With that in mind, our seasoned experts will sit down with you to discuss and recommend a regimen tailored specifically to your needs. It’s our aim to ensure that each session you undergo is both beneficial and in line with your health aspirations.

While side effects are uncommon, they can occur. Some clients might notice mild bruising or a sensation of coolness at the injection site. We understand that any medical procedure can be daunting, and our team is always on hand to address any concerns you might have. Your safety and comfort are our top priority, and we encourage you to reach out to our experts if you have any questions.

A standard IV Vitamin Therapy session at Hamilton’s typically ranges between 30 to 45 minutes. However, it’s worth noting that the duration can fluctuate depending on the specific treatment being administered and the unique needs of the individual. Our primary focus is to ensure that the therapy is thorough and effective, even if it requires a bit more time.

IV Vitamin Therapy offers a plethora of benefits, and many individuals find value in our treatments. However, it’s vital to acknowledge that everyone’s medical background and current health conditions are different. Before starting any therapy, we strongly advise a consultation with our knowledgeable experts. They will assess whether the treatment aligns with your medical history and any medications you might be taking.

Certainly! One of the advantages of our IV Vitamin Therapy is the minimal downtime post-session. Most of our clients report feeling invigorated and refreshed after their treatment. You can confidently resume your daily activities and tasks right after leaving our clinic. We take pride in offering a therapy that not only enhances your health but also fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.


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