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Elevate Your Recovery with Hamilton Recovery's Compression Therapy

Step into a world of advanced recovery at Hamilton Recovery. Our cutting-edge Compression Therapy is designed to boost your circulation, alleviate pain, and ensure you’re always at the pinnacle of your performance.

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Benefits of Compression Therapy at Hamilton Recovery

Unparalleled Safety

Experience a session tailored for your comfort, with our °CRYO Arctic machines ensuring breathability and safety.

Scientifically-Backed Approach

Dive into treatments that aren't just trendy but are grounded in rigorous scientific research.

Expert Guidance

Every session is steered by our seasoned therapists, ensuring a custom-tailored experience just for you.

COMPRESSION BOOTS Heidelberg Heights

Banish Fatigue! Recharge with Compression Therapy.

Are you tired of constantly feeling fatigued and worn out? Say goodbye to persistent tiredness with our Compression Therapy! Boost your energy levels and improve your overall well-being. Let us help you recover and perform at your best! Try Compression Therapy today and feel the difference!

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Recharge and Banish Fatigue with Compression Therapy!

Are you tired of feeling fatigued? Say goodbye to fatigue and recharge your body with our Compression Therapy in Heidelberg Heights! Our advanced therapy boosts circulation, reduces muscle soreness, and enhances recovery. Experience the rejuvenating power of our state-of-the-art equipment and personalized treatments. Get ready to banish fatigue and unlock your full potential!

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Dive into Hamilton Recovery's Offerings

From the cold embrace of cryotherapy to the nutrient rush of IV Vitamin Therapy and the circulatory boost of Compression Therapy – we offer a suite of treatments designed for your holistic rejuvenation.

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Our Seamless Process


Begin Your Journey

Kick-start with our exclusive pricing, setting the foundation for transformation.


Personalised Initial Consult

Tailored sessions after diving deep into understanding your needs.


Experience Rejuvenation

Emerge from our therapies reenergised and at your optimum best.

COMPRESSION BOOTS Heidelberg Heights

Why Hamilton Recovery?

Choosing Hamilton Recovery for your Cryotherapy sessions is a no-brainer, and here’s why:

Ready for a Game-Changing Recovery?


FAQs about Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy is a method grounded in scientific principles. It employs the use of air compression boots designed to enhance blood circulation in the limbs. By doing so, it helps alleviate muscle soreness and assists in a faster recovery post physical exertion. The underlying concept is to apply controlled pressure, which can stimulate blood flow and reduce fluid accumulation.

The ideal frequency for undergoing Compression Therapy varies from person to person. While some individuals find a weekly session beneficial, others might choose to have treatments only after particularly strenuous activities. It would be our pleasure to have a detailed discussion with you and offer a recommendation tailored to your specific needs.

Generally, Compression Therapy is considered safe and is well-received by most. However, some individuals might initially experience a sensation of tightness. Rest assured, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your comfort and will make any necessary adjustments during the session.

Absolutely! Compression Therapy can be particularly beneficial after surgical procedures. It can assist in reducing swelling and enhancing circulation, which can be pivotal for post-surgery recovery. That said, it’s imperative to consult with your doctor or medical professional before commencing any new form of therapy.

A typical Compression Therapy session ranges between 30 to 60 minutes. However, we recognise that everyone’s needs are unique. Based on your specific requirements and our treatment plan, we can adjust the duration accordingly.

Compression Therapy can be beneficial for many age groups. However, if you have particular medical conditions or concerns, it’s essential to have a conversation with our expert team. We genuinely care about your well-being and will guide you in making an informed decision.

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Revive and Thrive with Compression Therapy!

At Hamilton Recovery, we are the experts in Compression Therapy, dedicated to helping you recover and enhance your performance. Our advanced technology and evidence-based approach ensure that you receive the best treatment available. With a track record of satisfied customers and unwavering safety standards, we are the right choice for all your compression therapy needs. Let us help you reach your full potential and experience the benefits of this cutting-edge therapy.

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